Tire InfoCar tires are just another cost of owning and operating a motor vehicle. It’s the sum of all these little repairs that add up over time. Personally, I and many people I know have decided to sell our cars and use the park and ride bus system instead. While this is wonderful for day to day living, my family does still own one car for taking on trips and urgent, unplanned travel around town.

As though becoming accustomed to fewer and lower priced car maintenance bills had directly enhanced my own frugality, I seem to have become more and more interested in sustainability and decreasing wastefulness.

Every dollar that I don’t spend is a dollar that I don’t have to replace by working. So, every dollar that I don’t spend is time that I’m free to use for activities other than earning income, if I so choose.

It seems like it was right around the time that I first decided to start cutting back on vehicle maintenance expenses that I was shopping for some new car tires. It was like prices were suddenly much higher than they had been, but really it was just that my perspective had changed.

When new car tires equated to eight hours of work a piece it was much easier to look for less expensive tires. Before, I would have been more concerned about comparing tire features or comparative expense.

However, now that I had reordered my priorities some simple tasks that I’d become accustomed to doing a certain way, suddenly look completely different. So, I did a little research into saving money on new car tires.

For one, I found out that less expensive tires are just as safe, and in many cases last just as long as many types of premium tires. I also decided to start buying used tires from service stations when they are in good shape.

You’d be surprised just how little wear some tires have when their owners decide to pitch them. Some people say they’re not as safe, but as long as you have the tools to fix a flat and a replacement tire, there’s nothing particularly unsafe about buying and using used tires.

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